Dear American scientists and science supporters. Stop swooning over Macron’s video.

On Sunday, Emmanuel Macron defeated National Front leader Marine Le Pen to win the French Presidency. Running on a campaign of environmental protection, he released a video in February to woo European and American researchers whose research has come under attack to France. In that video, which went viral after his victory, he pleaded: “We read more »

Learning to Stand up for Science — and for myself

On February 19th, I had the great pleasure of attending a rally to Stand Up for Science organized by ClimateTruth.org and The Natural History Museum. The pro-science demonstration took place at Copley Square at the end of the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Annual Meeting. Somewhere between hundreds to thousands of attendees from read more »

04.06.2015 // The Art + Science of Craft Beer @ Brooklyn Brewery

On April 6th, ArtLab proudly partnered with Brooklyn Brewery to host an evening exploring the magic + mystery behind crafting the perfect brew. With Brooklyn Brewmaster Garret Oliver—a former filmmaker—we took a deep dive into a drink that helped establish civilization itself, and then sustained it for thousands of years: beer. Today’s craft brewing is read more »

HOLOSCENES: Flooding Art with Empathy

Generally speaking, I’m a firm believer in the old adage that knowledge is power. But I’ve often found that where climate change is concerned, the more knowledge we have—the more we embrace it as a reality + the deeper we appreciate its complexity—the more we despair, or even deny. For me, that feeling leads to read more »

Save the Date! ArtLab: Memory + Myth // March 22nd

How much can we trust our memories? On Sunday, March 22th, ArtLab presents Memory + Myth: a live theater-infused exploration of the neuroscience of memory. The evening features original work from The Deconstructive Theatre Project–a Brooklyn-based performing arts company mixing neuroscience with multimedia–with insights into the brain from the mind of Dr. Paula Croxson. ArtLab read more »

SeismoDome: Shaking Up Seismology Through Sight + Sound

What better way to dive into seismology than to suddenly find yourself in the Earth’s core gazing up at its shaking crust? To see seismic waves bouncing back and forth through the center of the Earth and spreading along its surface? To hear and feel the rich and rapidfire rattling as shocks travel around the read more »


Future food conjures up images of a magic meal-in-a-pill or a sizzling synthetic steak served up on a petri dish. And with the development of one-stop nutritional shakes like Soylent and the synthesis of the world’s first lab-grown burger, it looks like we’re headed that direction. While these sci-fi fantasies come true are certainly exciting, read more »

04.25.2014 // Big Green Theater

On Friday, April 25th, ArtLab proudly joined the Big Green Theater Festival to celebrate the intersection between environmental education and creativity in honor of Earth Week. Following a special performance of this year’s eco-inspired Big Green Theater plays, ArtLab sat down with director Jeremy Pickard, The Bushwick Starr’s creative director Noel Joseph Allain, and BGT read more »