Borne out of a scientist’s identity crisis, ArtLab is an ongoing experiment at the interface of art + science to dissolve the arbitrary // artificial barrier that separates these two inherently complementary worlds. Both through this blog and a series, ArtLab aims to create both a virtual and physical space for art + science to intermix, allowing each to inform and complicate the other. Above all, ArtLab’s mission is to foster a community built on a shared fundamental fascination with the mysterious, and a boundless desire for exploration and discovery.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious—the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. ∇Δ Albert Einstein

note from the founder
artlab_bio_picI have often found that the more I talk about my research to a layperson, the more I realize how enormous the gaps in my understanding are, not because I am not smart enough or well-read enough to fill in those blanks, but because the conceptual problems I face every day are so complex, so nuanced that it is nearly impossible for me to know *all there is* to know. To *solve* the problems I am interested. To know with certainty that my *solutions* are correct.

I’m fully aware that this all may sound like an admission of defeat. Of my official surrender to those unknowable forces that for some crazy reason I am spending my life attempting to understand. But it is so unbelievably important for scientists to make it clear and known: this asymptotic climb towards the inherently unknowable is what actually drives most of us in some way or another. Like being completely consumed by some hyper-compelling/completely-enthralling whodunit thriller series that goes on sequel after sequel without end.

But all of this striving is for naught if I have no way of communicating it to a broader audience. If I have no way of communicating the deep respect and awe I feel for the questions science dares to ask and ventures to answer.

For me, art has the power to cut to the heart of even the most complicated problems. To squeeze out meaning and share it to anyone who will stop to look or listen. This blog and the series are my [hopefully not-so-feeble] attempt to make science less scary and more accessible. To share scientific problems and insights that are somehow beyond imagination, and yet real.  And, above all, to illuminate the art in science and bring science to art.

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