03.11.2014 // Music + the Mind

What music does the mind make? On March 11th, ArtLab tuned into the sound of synapses with Music + the Mind: a live music-infused experiment in neuroscience. The evening featured the Brainwave Music Project, which translates brain activity into electronic music—a project conceived by Columbia professors David Sulzer and Brad Garton. Singer + multi-instrumentalist Lora read more »

The Living Museum: Mental Illness Meets Art

In here, nous sommes tous les indésireables—we are all undesirables—but that is not our problem but yours, the spectator from outside. ∇Δ Bolek Greczynski Once a cafeteria, Building 75 at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center now houses one of the most extraordinary collections of art I have ever seen. Known as The Living Museum, the 40,000-square-foot space read more »

On the Same Wavelength

We all have some idea of what it feels like to be on the same wavelength as someone—to feel charged by some tangible, electric connection with another human being. Psychobiologist Suzanne Dikker has ventured to delve deeper into this feeling to understand the neurological underpinnings of human social interaction. Brainwaves + associated cognitive states. Our read more »

danceroom Spectroscopy: Waltzing through the Invisible World

At its most basic, science is a quest to understand the invisible forces that underlie everything from our emotions to our planet’s inevitable orbit around the sun. These forces are fundamentally dictated by the dynamics of an invisible world—of atoms and molecules vibrating, of tiny bonds breaking and forming. But given that human perception is read more »

Of Brain Games + Space Jams: Jan 24th Weekly Roundup

Highlight of the Week: Dolphin Dance Project “When you approach dolphins with dance, they recognize it as intelligence.” Conceived by dance educator + musculoskeletal research scientist Chisa Hidaka, the Dolphin Dance Project brings humans and wild dolphins together in a collaborative + improvised underwater dance for film. Incredibly, the dolphins dance of their own free read more »
energy fields

Jan 17th Weekly Roundup @ the Intersection of Art + Science

This week launches the newest edition to ArtLab, sharing some of my favorite projects, posts, and happenings at the intersection between art + science every week. Highlight of the Week: danceroom Spectroscopy Image by Paul Blakemore. The grace of dance merges with the elegance of physics to create danceroom Spectroscopy [dS] at the cutting edge read more »

Bluebrain: Documenting the Frontiers of Brain Research

In his 2009 TED Talk, Dr. Henry Markram publicly announced the Blue Brain Project, a ten-year initiative to reverse-engineer a fully functional supercomputer-powered simulation of the human brain in ten years. Inspired by such an ambitious project, filmmaker Noah Hutton set about chronicling the progress of Markram’s [blue]brainchild in an independently produced documentary spanning the read more »