The Art Between Your Ears

Julia Buntaine is a New York-based visual artist. An MFA student at School of the Visual Arts, Julia has been artfully crafting brainy renderings of our headspace since she discovered her love of neuroscience in college. Taking her passion for science-based art one step further, she founded SciArt in America, an online magazine dedicated to read more »
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Riddles in the Dark

We know more about space than we do our oceans, even though the oceans sustain all life on our planet. ∇Δ Sylvia Earle moray eel in japan. To the obligate land-dweller, life underwater is just about as foreign as life on other planets. Hidden from our land-centric consciousness, the average human seldom considers our aquatic read more »

12.10.2013 // Film + the Unconscious

On December 10th, ArtLab presented Film + the Unconscious: a conversation between cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Heather Berlin and filmmaker Alexandra Stergiou. Through moderated discussion and audience participation, the evening explored what happens in our brains as we watch our favorite films: how does film portray the way we think and dream? How can filmmakers appeal read more »

Brain Stethoscope: Transforming Seizure into Song

Borne out of a “very Stanford-ish” collaboration between Chris Chafe, composer + professor of music research, and Josef Parvizi, epilepsy expert + professor of neurology, Brain Stethoscope epitomizes the potential for innovation that lies at the intersection between art + science. Part artistic experiment, part clinical // diagnostic tool, this Stanford duo has created an read more »

Meet Mosa Mack: Science Detective

Last week, students around the country—grades four through eight—were introduced to Mosa Mack: a hip + urban preteen with a passion for scientific exploration. Conceived by former Harlem science teacher Lissa Moses Johnson, Mosa Mack: Science Detective is an animated educational series following Mosa Mack + friends as they investigate science’s many mysteries. By promoting read more »
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09.11.2013 // On Repeat

On September 11, 2013, ArtLab presented On Repeat: a unique look at the insight, perspective, and even pain that is borne out of repetition in the practice of art + science. The evening’s discussion featured Emily Dennis, a mosquito neurobiologist in Leslie Vosshall’s Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior at The Rockefeller University, and Lauren Schleider, read more »

GhostFood: a Taste of Your Foodie Future

Artists Miriam Simun + Miriam Songster have teamed up to bring a taste of the future to the streets with GhostFood: a food truck dishing out a menu centered on three familiar foods facing extinction—cod, chocolate, and peanut. This participatory performance piece, commissioned by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation for Marfa Dialogues/NY, is designed to promote read more »

Carmen Papalia: Long Time No See

Vancouver-born artist Carmen Papalia designs experiences around the theme of access as it relates to public + institutional spaces. Through his gradual vision loss, he has come to experience his surroundings non-visually–learning to devote his attention to a realm that lies just out of sight. Carmen invites his participants to explore + engage with this read more »