Lora Faye with Her Band

Dwelling with Duende

When I first saw singer // multi-instrumentalist Lora Faye perform, I was blown away by her beautifully raw vocals + nostalgic sound. But, as a biologist, what surprised + intrigued me was her stage banter. Throughout her set, Lora Faye teased out her latest fascination with the freakish yellowness of body fat. Engrossed by the read more »
human harp

Harping on Humans

Since I began exploring the science + art connection, I have become increasingly fascinated with the body’s relationship to music–both in its creation and in the actual experience of it. But what would happen if our bodies themselves were transformed into music-making instruments? London-based artist Di Mainstone seeks to answer that very question in her read more »
GSP Screen Capture

Generative Storytelling

Last month, I had the great honor of putting all my art + science talk into practice, joining twelve up-and-coming artists in a multimedia art show curated by artists Gina Pollack and Anu Valia. Entitled You Are Here, the show–which was on exhibit at 3rd Ward from July 18th to the 21st–featured original work designed read more »
Katie in the studio.

The Sound of Silence

Katie Pipal is a new york-based musician, studying recording engineering at NYU Steinhardt. I met her last summer when she masterfully designed the nightmarish soundscape for the original play Antigone Unearthed at the 2012 NYC Fringe Festival. Since then, I’ve heard Katie’s music featured in a number of pieces that have been labeled “experimental” works read more »

The Orpheus Variations: Deconstructing Memory Through Myth

A reimaging of a beloved myth as an exploration of memory + the past, The Orpheus Variations is the perfect marriage of form + content to create a wholly unique + engaging theater-going experience. The piece—collaboratively created by the Deconstructive Theatre Project—tells the story of a man confronting his present reality in the wake of read more »

Living in Three-D // Real-D

The most outrageous-seeming science fiction constructions have a rather amazing longstanding habit of becoming reality. It’s actually almost impossible [for me at least] to imagine that in the not-so distant past space travel // robots // the Internet existed solely in the imaginations of sci-fi writers + consumers. Despite being a Millennial, well-versed + up-to-date read more »
think tank square

Cognitive Resonance: Inspiring Young Minds with a Lab on Wheels

Tyler Alterman is an artist-turned-cognitive-scientist and the founder of The Think Tank—a mobile cognitive science laboratory geared towards inspiring the next generation of scientists by providing young minds with a firsthand // hands-on look into the scientific process. Tyler’s initiative has already garnered attention from the likes of WIRED and Nature, but what I found read more »

Carbon Song Cycle

Carbon is the backbone of life on Earth. The fourth most abundant element in the Universe, carbon is the core component of the molecules that make us and a vital source of energy + fuel. But as rising atmospheric carbon levels have become inextricably linked to global climate change—undoubtedly one of the most serious problems read more »