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Of Brain Games + Space Jams: Jan 24th Weekly Roundup

Highlight of the Week: Dolphin Dance Project

“When you approach dolphins with dance, they recognize it as intelligence.”

Conceived by dance educator + musculoskeletal research scientist Chisa Hidaka, the Dolphin Dance Project brings humans and wild dolphins together in a collaborative + improvised underwater dance for film. Incredibly, the dolphins dance of their own free will, engaging in a cross-species movement-based conversation, without the temptation of a treat or reward, inspiring respect for the intelligence and beauty of underwater life. As someone who has become increasingly concerned about the state of our oceans + our impact on life underwater, this project has really resonated with me since I first learned about it at Cursiosity3’s Dance in Art + Science event last week. For more video and information, visit the Dolphin Dance Project online here!

Tweeter’s Digest

sweet selections brought to you by my twitter feed

The sound of space: Voyager provides music from solar system and beyond by Samuel Gibbs [@guardiantech]

Data visualization is all the rage this day, but Domenico Vicinanza, project manager at Géant—Europe’s high-speed data network powering Cern + the Large Hadron Collider—has translated data from NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2 into music that’s out of this world!

Science Goes to the Movies: ‘Her’ [@SciFri]

On this edition of Science Friday, scientist film critics weigh on on Spike Jonze’s latest film, Her: the story of a man who falls hard for his operating system, adding a new dimension to *technophilia*!

Dreamcasters: how video games alter our subconscious by Katie Drummond [@verge]

Intrigued by her son’s video-gaming hobby, psychologist Jayne Gackenbach investigates the effects of hardcore gaming on dreaming + the unconscious: “The major parallel between gaming and dreaming is that, in both instances, you’re in an alternate reality… It’s interesting to think about how these alternate realities translate to waking consciousness, when you are actually reacting to inputs from the real world.”

Review: Auditory Hallucinations, Composed by Ajai Raj [@TheScientistLLC]

The music in your head. Stanford music professor Jonathan Berger transports audiences into the world of imagined sound with Visitations—a pair of one-act chamber operas inspired by the science + sensation of auditory hallucinations.

Brain Games: Move Objects With Your Mind To Find Inner Calm? by Amy Standen [@NPRAllTech]

Playing with brainwaves: the rise of commercially available EEG headsets a la Emotiv + NeuroSky’s MindWav Mobile has made for some pretty awesome projects—from Orbit brain-controlled helicopter to funky//fresh NeuroDisco.

The Art of Science: Hiroshi Sugimoto Gets Right to the (Infinity) Point by Michelle Banks [@finchandpea]

Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto sculpts his way to the infinity point, artfully modeling equation for a surface containing a single point extended to infinity in his piece Mathematical Model 009 [below].

Hiroshi Sugimoto. Mathematical Model 009 [2006]

Dance, Factors, Dance: A Variation On Yorgey’s Factorization Diagrams by Stephen Von Worley [@DataPointed]

Inspired by Yorgey’s factorization diagrams, DataPointed artist + scientist Stephen Von Worley crafted the Factor Conga: “a promenade of primes, composites, and their constituents” breaking numbers down into their prime factors.

Talk Piece: Modes Of Perception And Communication Discussed At NYC Leonardo LASER by Ashley P. Taylor [@SciArtinAmerica]

How can we take advantage of all our senses? SciArt in America thoughtfully recaps the work and discussion presented at last week’s NYC Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous [LASER]—featuring artist-activist Eve Mosher, installation artist Nina Yankowitz, communication + perception researcher Mark Paterson, and New York-based artist Sherry Mayo.

Beauty and the Brain [@BBCRadio4]

What can the brain tell us about art? Can there ever be a recipe for beauty? Or are the great works beyond the powers of neuroscience? BBC Radio 4 explores the world of neuroesthetics.

SciArt in the City

01.27.2014 – SciArt Speed Date // Collaborate // 7:30pm @ The West

Beer, Brooklyn, breaking boundaries. ArtLab + SciArt in America have joined forces to co-opt the speed date format as artists + scientists pair off in a series of conversations geared towards creating cross-disciplinary collaborative connections. If you’re interested in participating as a “dater,” be sure to email me. Or if you’re just curious, stop by and say hello!

01.29.2014 + 01.30.2014 – CULTUREMART 2014: Science Fair // 7pm @ HERE

Science Fair is an opera-singer’s love-song to the scientific worldview. Conceived and performed by mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting Chinn, and featuring pianist Mila Henry, Science Fair melds Science and Opera into a witty evening of songs, slides, and live experiments.

Through 03.02.2014 – Science Inspires Art: The Cosmos @ New York Hall of Science

View images from ASCI’s 15th Annual international competition and exhibition. These stunning images relate to astronomy, space exploration, extra-terrestrials and the nature of matter or time in relation to universal laws.

My Pic of the Week

metastasis of music
The Metastasis of Music. These cancerous vinyls by artist Jasmine Murrell were inspired by cancer researcher Dr. Scott Lowe’s work. The piece was showcased at the Ligo Project’s Art of Science Gallery Night as one of four works to come out of six-month long collaborations between artists and scientists. For more information, be sure to check out Ligo’s Facebook page!

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