the series

ArtLab is a public conversation series founded out of the desire to reunite the arts + the sciences. Each event features an engaging audience-driven conversation between an artist and a scientist exploring the intersection between art + science. Given that artists + scientists employ similar approaches to developing their work, it has eluded me for quite some time why art and science are generally thought of as being incompatible.

ArtLab: The Series provides a physical space for artists + scientists to come together to talk about their respective crafts, using art as a lens to focus a conversation about science. The ultimate goal is to spark collaborations between these two traditionally disparate communities, using the strengths of each to inform and complicate the other. To get us thinking about our work in a different context with a different set of tools at our disposal.

upcoming events!

April 6, 2015: ArtLab + Brooklyn Brewery Present: Intro to Microbrewology, 5:00pm @ Brooklyn Brewery
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