02.21.2013 // Movement + Memory

On February 21, 2013 artists + scientists once more at Our Ladies in Brooklyn for ArtLab’s second ever event: Movement + Memory. Actor // performance artist Sophia Treanor and neuroscientist Deanna Belsky led a discussion on the art and science of how we come to move our bodies. Sophia kicked off the evening by taking the group through a body scan, moving us through congregated an exploration of our bodies and what they may be trying to tell us. This exercise not only provided a unique // interactive glimpse into how Sophia actually checks in with her body as she begins her creative practice, but it also put us into the sort of mental + physical space needed to begin our discussion. Deanna then brought in the science, explaining—to the best of the field’s ability—the neurological aspects of what goes on in our brains as we begin to even think about moving. What sorts of connections are made? How are these connections dynamically fine-tuned + adjusted over the course of our lives? What are the physical consequences of our brains not making these connections properly?

The night continued on as Sophia and Deanna engaged the audience with demonstrations of Sophia’s various creative techniques—from playing with space to releasing “millions” of endorphins via circular breathing—and Deanna’s various insights into the neuroscience of movement, including fascinating gaps in our understanding.

photos by Gina Pollock // video by Chelsey Blackmon

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